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Our goal is to revolutionize the Chinese learning experience by merging the best aspects of personal face-to-face lessons and the benefits of digitalisation.

Teach with ease and focus on what you do best

You and your fantastic teaching skills are the most important things for your students when it comes to learning Chinese. Therefore, it is important to use your time as effectively as possible so that you can fully concentrate on your lessons. With Hao2Learn, you can create your interactive notes online and simply continue from where you stopped last time. Creating repetitive files to send back and forth is history!

Intelligent Editor

Get the most out of your Chinese lesson notes by making them more accessible to your students.

Online Teaching

Seeing and hearing each other is not everything - share content which can be accessed after class to increase efficiency.

Self-Study Content

Your students can watch authentic Chinese TV shows and other videos to train their listening comprehension.

Easy To Use

Quite self-explanatory, isn't it?

Intelligent Document Editing

Segmentation & Pinyin

Chinese text is instantly converted into a more accessible version by segmenting words into blocks and adding the phonetic language.

Saving and Sharing

Documents are automatically saved on every change. At any time documents can easily be shared with other students or teachers.

Realtime Editing

Whenever more people open the same document every change is instantly transmitted to everyone else.

Interactive Lexicon

Every word can be clicked to learn about the translation, pronunciation, HSK level, context and stroke order.

Editor Demo

If you do not have a Chinese keyboard installed copy one of our example sentences below. Press Enter to submit. Click on any word to get more information.


Online Teaching


With our video chat you can easily combine your valuable personal interaction with our interactive instant messenger! So you can immediately demonstrate what you are talking about in the text module and your student has great study material for after the lessons.

Online Learning

Self-Study Content

Improve your students’ self-learning with authentic Chinese videos, TV shows, or your own video material and enhance them with our interactive subtitles! Inconvenient switching between videos and dictionaries to look up words is history. Use quizzes to test the students’ understanding of the story, vocabulary and grammar.

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